I would like to make films for myself and for the communities and for the country to see that we Papua New Guineans, we can make films too”

Stella Lukula – Yumi Piksa participant


Sydney 20 January 2010

Welcome to cinema’s last frontier. Sydney filmmaker Verena Thomas has teamed up with students at the University of Goroka (PNG) to bring the untold stories of our neighbour, Papua New Guinea, to the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the young filmmakers in person at this one-off screening of the first three short films to come out of the Yumi Piksa project. Films screening on the night include:

MAMA BILONG DOWN UNDER (13min, dir: Arthur Hane-Nou & Klinit Barry)

A day in the life of the formidable Mama Lucindo; mother, provider and one tough lady from the Down Under settlement in the Eastern Highlands.

NOKONDI’S MORNING CALL (9min, dir: Nafaro Ere-Epa)

Renowned Papua New Guinean artist George Sari recalls the stories his grandparents passed onto him about Nokondi, the God of Nature, who is increasingly stirred as we threaten our environment.

LEVEKUKA CLAY (13min, dir: Dilen Doiki)

Ataizo Motahe shows us how women used to attract men with the sweet sounds of traditional flutes. He worries these ancient techniques will die with him if younger generations do not become interested in traditional arts.

Yumi Piksa is a new approach to filmmaking in a country whose stories have been the focus of some of Australia’s most successful documentaries. Aimed at fostering the burgeoning film industry in PNG, students undergo 6 weeks of intensive film training while working closely with Highland communities to uncover fresh ways of telling the rich stories of Papua New Guinea.

Catch these emerging filmmakers and their ‘beautifully crafted’ and ‘intimate’ films en route from the International Pacific Documentary Film Festival in Tahiti at a preview screening hosted by Isabelle Genoux, presenter of Radio Australia’s, In the Loop.

YUMI PIKSA special screening

When:  Monday 1st February 2010, 5.30 pm (for 6pm start)

Where: Screen Australia Theatrette,

Ground level, 150 William St, Woolloomooloo

RSVP:   Laura Grace at [email protected]

by 5pm Friday, 29th January 2010

For interview requests and other media enquiries please contact

Laura Grace on 0416 594 238 or Verena Thomas at [email protected]

Visit the Yumi Piksa website from more information: www.yumipiksa.org